The piece

Instinct is the pillar that animates Edouard Hue’s pieces. This innate and powerful tendency, common to all living beings, is as mysterious as it is natural. It is a primary sensation present at every moment. For the choreographer, instinct could be imagined as a generator of sensations and emotions that accompany us throughout our lives. A notion whose source is imperceptible. What is it really?

Dive submerges the stage with a choreographic wave that draws its source from the instinct of the choreographer and the performers of the piece. This new creation by Edouard Hue is a deep research of the origins of intuition, its catalyst and its influence on our choices. The performers are in perpetual visceral questioning about the existence of the being which magnifies the raw and virtuoso choreography. The choreographer takes advantage of this intimate, almost autobiographical subject for the dancers, to open up his creative process to the public on stage and to make them dive a little more into the universe of the piece. After various independent projects, with Dive, Edouard Hue returns with his Beaver Dam Company to his source choreographic writing powerfully transporting the audience from one emotion to another in a cocoon of suave intimacy.


Touring dates

20-21 October 2023, premieres at Kurtheater, Baden, Switzerland
2-3-4 November 2023, Salle du Lignon, Vernier, Switzerland
8 November 2023, Tanz in Olten, Olten, Switzerland
11 January 2024, Théâtre des Collines, Annecy, France
13-14 January 2024, La Scala Paris, France
16-17-18-19-20-21 January 2024, La Scala Paris, France
23-24-25-26-27 January2024, La Scala Paris, France
30 January, La Scala Provence, Avignon, France
2 February 2024, OCA, Bonneville, France
14-15-16-17 February 2024, Théâtre de La Parfumerie, Genève, Switzerland
20 February 2024, Scène 55, Mougins, France
23 February 2024, Alter Reithalle, Aarau, Switzerland
29 February and 1rst March 2024, Théâtre Equilibre-Nuithonie, Fribourg, Switzerland


Creation 2023, 7 dancers, 60 minutes.

Choreographer Edouard Hue
Composer Jonathan Soucasse
Costume desginer Sigolène Pétey
Ligth designer Arnaud Viala
Dramaturgical advices Hugo Roux

Production Beaver Dam Company

Co-productionsKurtheater-Baden, Salle du Lignon-Vernier, Equilibre-Nuithonie-Fribourg, OCA-Bonneville, coproduction in the frame of the Programmers’ Fund of Reso – Dance Network Switzerland supported by Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council

Cooperation partner Residenzzentrum tanz+ Baden

Residencies Tanzhaus – Zürich, Kurtheater – Baden, Residenzzentrum tanz+ Baden, L’Imprimerie – Geneva

Financial supports coproduction fund Reso – Réseau Danse Suisse, with the support of Swiss fundation for culture Pro Helvetia and the cantons, Loterie Romande, Ville de Genève, Ville de Vernier, Pro-Helvetia – Fondation Suisse pour la culture, Swisslos – Kanton Aargau, Pour-cent culturel Migros, Ville d’Annecy, Conseil Départemental de la Haute-Savoie

Press release

« (...) a choreography which is a masterstroke and which confirms the exceptional rank of Edouard Hue and his Beaver Dam Company. »

Elisabeth Feller, Argauer Zeitung

« (...) the minimalist expression in the smallest gestures gives rise to a group dynamic which arises from the ground and turns into exuberant joy (...). What remains today is the joy of driving mindlessly down the fast lane of a one-way street. Thrilled.»

Thierry Frocheaux, P.S Zeitung