Emir Ben Abdelkadder


Emir Ben Abdlelkader is a dancer and choreographer based in Annecy-France. After his training at the Broadway Dance Center school in New York, he joined the Annecy CRR and met Professor Imad Nefti with whom he refined his technique. His qualities as a hip hop dancer lead him to explore other artistic practices (contemporary dance, partnering, contact dance, improvisation dance, etc.). As a performer, he dances for the companies Racine, R.A.R.E., Move N’Space and creates the solo Bii which he presents during the project “Hors les murs” initiated by Bonlieu Scène Nationale.

In 2018 he met Edouard Hue, choreographer of the Beaver Dam Company, with whom he began a collaboration based on mediation. He teaches in colleges, high schools, etc. He is also a tutor for the CF2P pre-professional training organized by the Beaver Dam Company.