Sigolène Pétey

Costume desginer

Sigolène Pétey was trained very early on in technique as well as in artistic creation. After training in Applied Arts, she headed for a Diploma in Craftsmanship of Costume Art Director at Martinière Diderot in Lyon, in order to learn historical and contemporary techniques for making stage costumes. Thanks to this first exploration of the body and its challenges, she perfected her know-how by integrating in 2011, the training of Costume maker Cutter at the National School of Arts and Techniques of the Theater of Lyon.

By getting involved as soon as she left school with many theater companies, she first developed a work around the silhouette, cultivating the search for a “right line”, a line harmonizing morphology, movement, and clothing.

At the same time, as a costume designer, she joined the workshops of large structures such as the TNP, the Opéra National de Lyon and that of Bordeaux. She invests her technique and her inventiveness in it in order to offer costumes that can accompany the performer in her artistic and experimental practice, whether it be classical ballet or contemporary dance.

Driven by the diversity and density of these artistic and human experiences, she deploys research making scenic clothing an object of interaction, an essential part of the game. She continues to open up her fields of action and enrich its range of tools by following training in “Carcasserie” and “Small mechanisms” at the CFPTS. It is within Martinière Diderot as DMA Costume designer, that she teaches and educates students about the aesthetics and practicality of costume. Today, in particular in close collaboration with the Collectif Petit travers, the companies Harmonie Communale, 32 Novembre and Beaver Dam, she continues her research around the costume-apparatus.

Photography : Grégory Batardon