The piece

In MOLTEN, Edouard Hue presents a vision of the beginnings of humanity, in which each and every sensation, even barely palpable, is yet to be created. In order to construct this universe, the choreographer seeks inspiration from chemical reactions that change the nature of matter: combustion, corrosion, dissolution, even breathing… The dancers take on the roles of atoms, electrons, protons, and nuclei, reacting inside multiple choreographic interactions. A sort of laboratory in which a mad scientist experiments freely, in a world where everything is yet to be discovered. The bodies are transformed into entities of pure energy, with no limits binding them. Animated by the desire to interact at whatever cost, these bodies move and fuse together just to split apart sharply again, in a choreography that wavers between harmony and instability. “MOLTEN” thus allows the audience to glimpse the attempt of a fresh start, of five dancers striving for transformation – of their body, their sensations – and a frank reimagining of the word ecstasy.

In the continuity of his work, Edouard Hue seeks a virtuosity coupled with an obvious commitment of the body. The choreographies – alone or in groups – reflect a wild instinctivity, yet precise and demanding.


Creation 2020, 5 dancers, 55 minutes.

Choreographer Edouard Hue
Dancers Louise Bille, Gabin Corredor, Alfredo Gottardi, Neal Maxwell, Rafaël Sauzet
Composer Jonathan Soucasse
Light Théo Jourdainne

Co-productions & residencies
L’Auditorium Seynod – Scène Régionale, Centre Chorégraphique National de Mulhouse, Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil, Centre Chorégraphique Heidelberg

Bonlieu Scène Nationale, Tanzhaus – Zürich, Théâtre de la Parfumerie, Studios Dyptik

Ville de Genève, Loterie Romande, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Fondation Stanley Thomas Johnson, Fondation Sophie et Karl Binding, Ville d’Annecy, Fondation Ernst Göhner, Conseil Départemental de la Haute-Savoie, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, République et Canton de Genève, Pro-Helvetia – Fondation Suisse pour la culture, CORODIS – Commission Romande de Diffusion des Spectacles

Press release

« Edouard Hue knows how to seize the audience. But what characterizes it is the pleasure of breathtaking dance. »
Le Temps
« The five dancers draw a generous and continuous movement, deploying an unparalleled physicality for almost an hour of show »

Le Courrier

« Edouard Hue transforms himself into a sculptor on flesh and shapes with all these antagonisms a living body, capable on its own of being a phenomenal vector of emotions. »
La Batoille
« Edouard Hue literally caught the audience by inviting them to find in themselves ``the ecstasy of being... »
La Dépêche
« The audience got carried away in the whirlwind, caught up in the emotion of the dancers. »
Le Dauphiné Libéré